GPON ONU Transceiver Module SFP GPON B+ 20km TX-1.244Gbps / RX-2.488Gbps

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Shenzhen, China
Brand Name: Gigaopto
Certification: CE, FCC, ROHS, ISO9001, ISO14000, MSDS, REACH, CP65, TUV, UL
Model Number: GTF-SGU12-20DC
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: negotiable
Packaging Details: Single Package,10 or 20pcs per Tray,30 or 50 or 100pcs per box, 400 or 600pcs per carton
Delivery Time: 1-5 work days
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
Supply Ability: 50,000pcs/month
Detail Information
Product Name: GPON ONU Transceiver Type: SFF 2x10 Class B+
Data Rate(Gbps): TX-1.244Gbps/RX-2.488Gbps Wavelength: 1310nm_TX/1490nm_RX
Distance: 20km Connector: SC UPC
DDM: Support Keywords: GPON ONU Class B+ SFF 2x10 Transceiver
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GPON ONU Transceiver





Product Description

Class B+ ONU for GPON

Single Fiber Bi-Directional WDM Transceiver

1.244Gbps Upstream and 2.488Gbps Downstream

100% Full Compatible with Mainstream Host Devices





This GTF-SGU12-20DC GPON ONU Class B+ SFF 2x10 SCUPC Receptacle transceiver module is designed for low cost P2MP (point to multi-point) FTTx applications. It can fully support the Class B+ ODN application specified by the ITU-T G.984.2 standard and ITU-T G.984.2 Amendent-2006.

This GPON ONU B+ transceiver is packaged of small form factor 2x10 with a SC UPC receptacle connector.

The GPON ONU SFP module consists of 1310nm un-cooled DFB Laser, InGaAs preamplifier and a WDM filter in a high-integrated optical sub-assembly. It transmits 1.244Gbps at 1310nm in burst-mode and receives 2.488Gbps at 1490nm in continuous-mode. This transceiver is Class 1 laser product that complies with the IEC 60825-1 and IEC 60825-2, and it is ROHS-6 compliant.

The metallic package guarantees excellent EMI and EMC characteristics, which totally complies with international relevant standards.

Digital diagnostics functions are available, as specified in SFF-8472,which provides real-time monitoring of the transceiver temperature, laser bias current, optical power, received optical power and transceiver supply voltage.





Product Name GPON ONU Transceiver Type Class B+
Form Type SFF 2x10 Power Supply Voltage +3.3V
Connector Type SC UPC Max Distance 20km
Warranty 3-Year Operating Temperature Standard 0~70°C/Industrial -40~85°C
Data Rate (TX) 1.244Gbps Data Rate (RX) 2.488Gbps
Wavelength (TX) 1310nm Wavelength (RX) 1490nm
Power Dissipation <1.0W Total Current 300mA (Max)
TX Output Power (dBm) +0.5~+5.0dBm Sensitivity < -28.0dBm
Extinction Ratio >9dB Receiver Saturation >-8dBm
Protocols SFF 8472, RoHS



Ordering Information


Part Number Specifications
Data Rate TX Burst Mode Temperature Reach DDM
(Gbps) (°C) (km)
GTF-SGU12-20DCL SFF 2x10 Low Level Enable TX -5~70 20 Yes
GTF-SGU12-20DCH SFF 2x10 High Level Enable TX -5~70 20 Yes
GTF-SGU12-20DIL SFF 2x10 Low Level Enable TX -40~85 20 Yes
GTF-SGU12-20DIH SFF 2x10 High Level Enable TX -40~85 20 Yes





  • Single fiber bi-directional data links
  • 1310nm DFB laser transmitter and 1490nm receiver
  • 1.244Gbps burst mode transmission
  • 2.488Gbps continuous mode receiver
  • SFF 2x10 package with Bi-Directional SC receptacle optical interface
  • Single 3.3V power supply
  • Digital Diagnostic Monitoring function implemented
  • Internal calibration
  • Low EMI and excellent ESD protection
  • Class I laser safety standard IEC-60825 compliant
  • Operating temperature range: 0oC ~+70oC or -40oC ~+85oC
  • RoHS6 Compliance




  • Gigabit Passive Optical Networks (GPON)
  • FTTX
  • Other Optical Links




  • Complies with SFP Multi-Source Agreement (MSA) SFF-8074i
  • Complies with ITU-T G.984.2
  • Complies with SFF-8472
  • Complies with FCC 47 CFR Part 15, Class B
  • Complies with FDA 21 CFR 1040.10 and 1040.11 except for deviations pursuant to Laser Notice No. 50, dated June 24, 2007


Package Outline

Dimensions are in millimeters. All dimensions are ±0.1mm unless otherwise specified. (Unit: mm)

GPON ONU Transceiver Module SFP GPON B+ 20km TX-1.244Gbps / RX-2.488Gbps 0



For more GPON ONU SFP Transceivers, please refer to the following form

GPON ONU Transceiver Series (Data RateTX-1.244G/RX-2.488G, Wavelength:TX1310nm/RX1490nm, Class B+, DFB+APD)


P/N Form Factor Tx Power Rx Sensitivity Interface Temperature
GTF-SGU12-20DC SFF 2x10 0.5~5.0dBm -28.0dBm SC/UPC Com.
GTF-SGU12-20DI SFF 2x10 0.5~5.0dBm -28.0dBm SC/UPC Ind.
GTF-UGU12-20DC SFF 2x10 0.5~5.0dBm -28.0dBm SC/UPC Pigtail Com.
GTF-UGU12-20DI SFF 2x10 0.5~5.0dBm -28.0dBm SC/UPC Pigtail Ind.
GTF-AGU12-20DC SFF 2x10 0.5~5.0dBm -28.0dBm SC/APC Pigtail Com.
GTF-AGU12-20DI SFF 2x10 0.5~5.0dBm -28.0dBm SC/APC Pigtail Ind.
GTS-SGU12-20DC SFP 0.5~5.0dBm -28.0dBm SC/UPC Com.
GTS-SGU12-20DI SFP 0.5~5.0dBm -28.0dBm SC/UPC Ind.
GTS-PGU12-20DC SFP 0.5~5.0dBm -28.0dBm SC/APC Com.
GTS-PGU12-20DI SFP 0.5~5.0dBm -28.0dBm SC/APC Ind.
GTS-BGU12-20DC SFP 0.5~5.0dBm -28.0dBm LC/APC Com.
GTS-BGU12-20DI SFP 0.5~5.0dBm -28.0dBm LC/APC Ind.

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