QC Profile

Gigaopto has formulated a complete set of quality management procedures according to the requirements of ISO9001 quality management system. We strictly follow the management procedures to regulate the operation of each process, and evaluate and supervise the quality control process IQC, IPQC and OQC.


Document Control
In order to standardize the process, we have formulated management system documents and quality manuals, and have standardized management documents for procurement control, supplier evaluation, material control, production process management and finished product quality inspection, and each process will be recorded.


After the purchasing department evaluates suppliers and purchases raw materials, the incoming materials are handed over to IQC for quality inspection according to the quality standards. After the quality sampling inspection is passed, the materials are classified and put into storage according to the storage classification management and environmental protection standards.


Before formal production, the production department and quality department prepare trained staff, materials and operation instructions respectively, set operation standards and inspection standards, and inspect machinery and equipment. After formal production, FAI is carried out to evaluate and test its quality before mass production. During production, conduct self-inspection of each process and keep appropriate frequency of inspection of the production line, including acceptance inspection of in-process products, and keep inspection records on file to ensure that the quality of each round of process is assured.


After the production, the finished products are randomly inspected and reliability tests are performed according to different quality standards, including high / low temperature test, thermal shock test, mechanical shock test, aging test, etc., to ensure the performance of the products meet the standards.


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