Production Line


Gigaopto covers an area of around 2000 square meters. With more than 8 years of experience in optical module manufacturing, we have formed a mature, professional and orderly production line with a maximum production capacity of 200k per month. The production line conforms to the production process of RoHS standard of international electronic products, and has efficient and complete production procedures, and strictly control the quality of the production process in accordance with ISO9001 system.



We have a group of well-trained staff, professional technicians and engineers, and quality supervisors who are specially responsible for the inspection and supervision of each production stage, making every effort to ensure quality, assembly and delivery.


Factory Environment

100, 000-class dust-free workshop, anti-static, moisture-proof production environment to ensure product quality.


Machinery and Equipment

The production line is equipped with advanced production equipment and testing instruments, with a complete set of 10G optoelectronic equipment and automatic testing system with full intellectual property rights, as well as product tracking system. Most of the automated equipment is used to reduce human errors, which ensures production efficiency and quality and offers a guarantee on high-quality products.



Gigaopto is recognized by the industry and the market as a professional manufacturer of optical transceiver modules. We have professional R&D, manufacturing and service teams with more than 8 years of rich project experience and R&D strength. We adopt strict raw material procurement control and quality inspection, and are competent to provide one-stop service with high cost performance from product design, R&D, production to delivery, and can provide mature OEM/ODM turnkey service according to the specific needs of different customers.


Product OEM/ODM:
We are able to provide customized services for a full range of optical transceivers from 155Mbps to 100Gbps, including PON, SFP, SFP+, SFP28, QSFP+, QSFP28, CFP/CFP2/CFP4, 1*9, XFP, X2, Xenpak, SFF, OSA etc., and AOC & DAC cables, and our optical modules can be coded to be fully compatible with many mainstream brands such as Cisco, Juniper, Huawei, etc.


Why Choose Us
Quality Assurance: ISO9001,REACH, RoHS, CE, FCC certificates
Warranty: 3-year warranty for all products. Free technical support
Sample Order: Sample order for test is welcome


Our R&D team is a professional team with active thinking and creativity, mastering the core technology of optical transceiver module design, and possessing professional capabilities in design application, process, manufacturing and testing.


Every year, we invest a high amount of money in product research and development of new products, and every aspect of R&D pays attention to production technology, product design and quality. We can produce customized products according to different requirements and product concepts to meet the ever-changing market demands and individual needs of customers.


To date, Gigaopto has obtained a number of integrated circuit layout design registration certificates, utility model patents and software copyrights, and has been recognized as a national high-tech enterprise.


  • Gigaopto Is Awarded the National High-Tech Enterprise in December 2021

Shenzhen Gigaopto Technology Co., Ltd. factory production line 0

  • Integrated Circuit Layout Design Registration Certificate:
- Optical module control circuit
- Optical signal output control circuit

Shenzhen Gigaopto Technology Co., Ltd. factory production line 1

  • Utility Model Patents:

- A new heat dissipation structure of SFP optical module

- An efficient heat dissipation optical module device

- An optical module pull ring

- An optical module connector

- An optical module slot interface stabilization device


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  • Computer Software Copyright Registration Certificate:

- Gigaopto intelligent machine interface high-speed SFP optical module test system

- Gigaopto optical transceiver module error code automatic test system software

- Gigaopto optical module power automatic adjustment control software

- Gigaopto SFP optical module protocol parsing software

- Gigaopto image transmission optical module control software

- Gigaopto dedicated SFP optical module fast debugging software


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