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SFP+ ZR LC Ethernet Optical Transceiver 10Gb/s 80Km Distance 3 Years Warranty

SFP+ ZR LC Ethernet Optical Transceiver 10Gb/s 80Km Distance 3 Years Warranty

SFP+ ZR LC Ethernet Optical Transceiver 10Gb/s 80Km Distance 3 Years Warranty

Product Details:

Place of Origin: CN
Brand Name: Transcom
Certification: CE, ROHS, FCC
Model Number: TS-XP-1510-80D

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1 pcs
Packaging Details: 10PCS / Blister box
Delivery Time: 3-10 work day
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 50,000 pcs/Month
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Detailed Product Description
Brand Name: Transcom Wavelength: 1550nm
Distance: 80 Km Operating Temperature: -5℃ To 70℃
Warranty: 3 Years Connector: LC
Applications: 10G


TRANSCOM’s SFP+ ZR transceivers is 1550nm cooled EML laser and APD photo-detector receiver based 10Gigabit SFP+ transceiver, which is designed to transmit and receive optical data over single mode optical fiber for link length up to 80km.Digital diagnostics functions are available via a 2-wire serial interface, as specified in the SFF-8472, which allows real-time access to device operating parameters such as transceiver temperature, laser bias current, transmitted optical power, received optical power and transceiver supply voltage.


I. Absolute Maximum Ratings

Parameter Symbol Min Typ Max Unit Ref.
Maximum Supply Voltage Vcc3 -0.5   4.0 V  
Storage Temperature Ts -40   85 °C  
Operating Relative Humidity RH     85 %  
Case Operating Temperature Tcase -5   70 °C  
Receiver Damage Threshold   6     dBm  

II. Electrical Characteristics (Tcase= -5 to 70 , VCC3 = 3.13 to 3.47 Volts)

Parameter Symbol Min Typ Max Unit Ref.
Supply Voltage Vcc3 3.13   3.47 V  
Supply Current Icc     450 mA  
Module total power P     1.5 W 1
Input differential impedance Rin   100   Ω 1
Differential data input swing Vin,pp 300   1200 mV  
Transmit Disable Voltage VD 2.0   Vcc3 V  
Transmit Enable Voltage VEN GND   GND+ 0.8 V  
Transmit Disable Assert Time       10 us  
Transmit Disable De-assert Time       2 ms  
Differential data output swing Vout-pp 500 650 800 mV 2
Data output rise and fall time Tr,Tf 30     ps 3
LOS Fault Vlos-fault 2   Vcc-host V 4
LOS Normal Vlos-nor GND   GND+0.8 V 4


1. Connected directly to TX data input pins.

2. Input 100Ω differential termination.

3. These are unfiltered 20-80% values

4. LOS is an open collector output. Should be pulled-up with 4.7k Ω-10 k Ω on the host board. Normal operation is logic 0, loss of signal is l


III. Optical Characteristics (Tcase = -5 to 70 , VCC3 = 3.13 to 3.45 Volts)

Parameter Symbol Min Typ Max Unit Ref.
Average Optical Power PAVE 0   5.0   1
Optical Wavelength λ 1530 1550 1565 nm  
Side-Mode Suppression ratio SMSR 30     dB  
Optical Extinction Ratio ER 6.0     dB  
Transmitter and Dispersion Penalty TDP     3.0 dB  
Average Launch power of OFF transmitter POFF     -40 dBm  
Output Eye Mask Compliant with IEEE 0802.3ae
Relative Intensity Noise RIN     -128 dB/Hz  
Receiver Sensitivity RSENS     -23.0 dBm 2
Input Saturation Power (Overload) Psat -7     dBm  
Wavelength Range λC 1260   1600 nm  
Receiver Reflectance Rrx     -27 dB  
LOS De-Assert LOSD     -24 dBm  
LOS Assert LOSA -32     dBm  
LOS Hysteresis   0.5   4.0 dB  


1. Average power figures are informative only, per IEEE 802.3ae.

2. Measured with conformance test signal for BER = 10^–12.@10.3125Gbps, PRBS=2^31-1,NRZ




IV. General Specifications

Parameter Symbol Min Typ Max Units Ref.
Bit Rate BR   10.3125     1
Bit Error Ratio BER     10^-12   2
Maximum Supported Distances Lmax   80   km 3



2. Tested with a 231 – 1 PRBS

3. SMF fiber, 1550nm wavelength

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